Our Mission: Integrating Wellness, Health, and Travel

At Zenith Zing, we firmly believe in the synergy between wellness, health, and the joy of traveling. Our mission is to provide a holistic experience that combines these essential elements of life. We strive to offer our Members access to wellness and health products and services, as well as travel opportunities that enrich the soul and revitalize the spirit.

A Community United by the Passion to Live Better
We are more than a company: we are a community of individuals who share a passion for a fuller and healthier lifestyle. Our business model, which merges subscription and affiliate marketing, is designed to foster an environment where each Member can find an ideal balance between health, wellness, and enriching travel experiences.

Innovation in Health and Adventure
Zenith Zing is synonymous with innovation. From travel packages that open horizons to carefully selected health and wellness products, every aspect of our offer is designed to complement and enrich the lives of our Members. We are committed to providing options that not only maintain their well-being but also allow them to explore the world in a healthy and satisfying way.

Empowerment and Success through Enriching Experiences
We are dedicated to empowering our affiliates not only with lucrative business opportunities but also with life-enriching experiences. We believe that true success comes from a life well-lived, full of health, well-being, and discoveries. At Zenith Zing, each Member has the tools and support to achieve their personal and professional life goals.

A Journey Towards a Holistically Healthy Future
We look forward with the goal of continuing to grow and evolve, always focusing on improving the lives of our Members. At Zenith Zing, we are committed to a future where comprehensive well-being, health, and travel continue to be a source of joy and fulfillment for everyone.

Meet Our Team

Miguel Rodríguez Founder
  • Businessman with +22 years of experience
  • Team Builder with +10 years of experience
  • Logistics expert
Juan Carlos Molina CEO - Founder
  • Businessman with +18 years of experience
  • Team Builder with +12 years of experience
  • Compensation plan developer
  • Mentor and Coach
Abel Palmero Founder
  • Businessman with +8 years of experience
  • Computer developer
  • Personnel management
Alejandro Mateo Vpdt. of SALES
  • Businessman with +10 years of experience
  • Team Builder with +12 years of experience
  • Maximum Rank in last 4 companies
Juan Antonio Gutiérrez Vpdt. of MARKETING
  • Trade intermediary
  • Taskforce developer
  • Strategy designer
Paola Zollo Expansion Director - PORTUGAL
Felipe y Jared Gómez Strategic Partners
Verónica Gracia Training Development Director